//2019 CPhI China

2019 CPhI China

CPhi China is attended by more than 1700 exhibiting companies, displaying different varieties of high quality pharmaceutical products and supplies. Some of the chiefly exhibited items at the show are, Pharmaceutical ingredients, Amino acids, Alkaloids, Custom manufacturing tools, Sweetening agents, Peptides, Herbal tea, Drug formulation instruments, Enzymes, Fine chemicals, Fragrances, Coating agents, Emulsifiers, Tablet lubricants, Capsules, Purification devices, Vaccines, Synthetic products, Hormones, Plant and animal extracts, Antibiotics, Medical antibodies, Ointment bases, Regulatory services, Preservatives, Separation agents, Phospholipids, Glidants, Tissue culture devices, Suppository bases, Viscosity tools, Immunochemistry devices, Chemical synthesis instruments.


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