//Milk Thistle Extract / silymarin

Milk Thistle Extract / silymarin

CAS number: 22888-70-6;65666-07-1

Molecular formula: C25H22O10

molecular weight: 482.4362

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Product Description

Description Silibinin (INN), also known as silybin (both from Silybum, the generic name of the plant from which it is extracted), is the major active constituent of silymarin, a standardized extract of the milk thistle seeds, containing a mixture of flavonolignans consisting of silibinin, isosilibinin, silicristin, silidianin, and others.
Density 1.5±0.1 g/cm3
Boiling Point 793.0±60.0 °C at 760 mmHg
Molecular Formula C25H22O10
Molecular Weight 482.436
Flash Point 274.5±26.4 °C
Exact Mass 482.121307
PSA 155.14000
LogP 2.59
Vapour Pressure 0.0±2.9 mmHg at 25°C
Index of Refraction 1.684
Storage condition −20°C

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